The Dripping Spring Baptist Church was constituted in the community schoolhouse on Saturday before the third Sunday in December 1850. Rev. William I. Morton preached the sermon. The charter members in the organization were composed of persons, who were holding letters from the Union and Pleasant Grove Churches. These members were as follows: Thomas M. James, John W. Mimms, James A. Page, James A. Boyer, Samuel W. Page, Robert Bagby, William Page, Russell Miller, David W. Mimms, William Sanders, Sarah A. James, Mary Mimms, Priscilla Page, Mary Miller and Louisa I. Page. After prayer, the hand of fellowship was extended to the members of the new church by Elder William I, Morton and by two deacons of the Mt. Pleasant Church, namely Edward Mosley and Daniel Maddox. Thomas N. James and James O. Boyer were ordained deacons. Brethren James O. Boyer and Thomas N. James were elected clerks to serve alternately year by year. The second Sunday and Saturday before the second Sunday in each month was adopted as the time for regular worship. Elder James B. Lamb was elected pastor by private ballot at the first regular conference meeting.